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The Riptides - Canadian Graffiti (12", Download)


Image of The Riptides - Canadian Graffiti (12", Download)

Since we're a bit into 2020 now, that means the 3rd anniversary of our release of the "Canadian Graffiti" LP by The Riptides from Canada is coming up soon. We're running low on all three 12" vinyl variants: Opaque White (200 copies pressed), Translucent Red (200 copies pressed), and Clear (100 copies pressed, because even though the Canadian flag doesn't have any clear on it, there's plenty of ice up there in Canada). We are gonna do a 2nd pressing after these last 1st pressing copies run out, but those will have different sleeve art. So, if you want to snag a 1st pressing LP with the cool cartoon sleeve drawn by Dan Parent (best known for his work for the Archie comics series) before they run out, I'd hop to it if I were you. Sounds like a good idea, eh?

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