After School Special - Lost Episodes (2xCD)


The second CD in the set is a previously unreleased After School Special live session!

CD Tracklist:
Disc A:
02_The Screw
03_Janeane Hates Herself
04_On Top
05_The Cut
06_How it Feels
07_Nothings Changed
08_Go Barney
09_The Promise
10_City of Lost Children

Disc B:
01_La La Won't Shut Up (Live at Ted’s)
02_Somewhere Inside (Live at Ted’s)
03_Starbucks in my Town (Live at Ted’s)
04_Kitty Corner (Live at Ted’s)
05_School Sucks (Live at Ted’s)
06_The Generation Game (Live at Ted’s)
07_Kelly Burkett (Live at Ted’s)
08_Sarah, Plain and Tall (Live at Ted’s)
09_Wrong (Live at Ted’s)
10_Adam Baum (Live at Ted’s)
11_I only wanna be with you (Live at Ted’s)

Limited to:
500- 2xCD's

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