Something To Do Music for Something To Do People, Phase Two (12", Download)

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LP Tracklist:
Side A:
The Budweisers - Don't Go Away
Proton Packs - Sleeper Agent Mantra
Volkov - I Can’t Move On
Oldie Hawn - Staying Up
Local Drags - The Well
Ricky Rochelle - Quest for Ajna
Dave Parasite - Swept Away
The Hum Hums - All I Got To Do

Side B:
Love Hearts - Guess Who
Travoltas - Find You There
Goin' Places - A Different Way
Sonic Dolls - Shut You Up
Scooby Dont - 18 Days
Stefan-Eno - A Day Of Summer
The Chubbies - Shine Shine

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100- Black Vinyl

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