Ed Banky's Car - Meanwhile in Grand Prairie, Texas (12", Download & Book)

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A Lost 1996 Pop-Punk Album is Having Its Day

A quarter-century after it was recorded, Something To Do Records will release a 12-inch vinyl record by the band Ed Banky's Car, titled "Meanwhile in Grand Prairie, Texas." The 12 songs, originally recorded in 1996, have been remixed by premiere punk rock engineer/producer, Davi Pacote at Hill Valley Studio.

Ed Banky's Car was a mid-1990s punk rock band from the suburbs of Dallas formed in 1995 by two brothers, Matt and Bobby Riggle. The band was known for energetic live shows, often in public parks, and distinctive cartoons on their albums and flyers, drawn by Bobby Riggle. The band ended in 1997 after Bobby's death, from an unknown cause, at age 20. Matt Riggle went on to play in the band 41 Gorgeous Blocks.

Alongside the album release is the publication of a book titled, "Meanwhile in Grand Prairie, Texas: An Oral History of Punk, Art & Grief in Mid-'90s Suburbia," which contains the artwork of Bobby Riggle and a chronicle of the band.

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“Ed Banky’s Car and Bobby Riggle’s cartoons are a complete package. A time capsule of frenzied emotional adolescence and uncompromised promise. The entire world needs to experience it.”
- Benjamin Hall (comic book artist & illustrator)

Excerpts from the book:
“Nowadays we all read books and oral histories of, say, Black Flag and how they set the stage for so many bands. But that's how we felt about this band. Ed Banky’s Car really did set everything in motion.”
- Chris Spurrier (Fido’s Revenge)

“This was when local bands would rent out a community center or hijack electricity at a city park pavilion to play to other teenagers. Ed Banky’s Car always seemed to be one step ahead. They had some sort of magic finger-on-the-pulse thing going on that gave their music a unique edge.”
- Chad Huffman (Wonder Wagon, The Wallys)

“It was almost like a comedy act. My sides would hurt from laughing, then they’d bust into a song and I’m dancing my ass off in a circle pit. I had never seen anything like it before and haven’t since.”
- Mandy Britt (friend)