After School Special - S/t (Reissue) (12")

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After School Special - S/t (Reissue) (12")

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The digital release date is June 20th,
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First Pressing:
125 - Clear Vinyl
125 - Blue Vinyl
125 - Red Vinyl
125 - Black Vinyl

1997 master
Track List:
Side A
1. Kelly Burkett
2. The Generation Game
3. Sarah Plain and Tall
4. I Dont Wanna Hold Your Hand
5. Lala Wont Shut Up
6. Somewhere Inside
7. Wrong

Side B
1. Adam Baum
2. There She Goes
3. The Lottery
4. I'm a Loner
5. Not Gonna Take It
6. School Sucks
7. Kitty Corner

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